Tired of Your Personal Echo Chamber?

Do you know the feeling? You pour your heart out into your blog, and nobody reads it but yourself.

Most blogs are like echo chambers for their owners. With an audience of one.

Facebook is not much better. First of all, when you find a wonderful post, you will never be able to find it again when you need it. And secondly, the super secret algorithms of the bot universe make sure you safely stay within your filter bubble. Nobody outside your bubble reads your stuff, and you don’t get to read anything that would seriously expand your horizon. So it’s an echo chamber, too, even if you can have friends in it, and you are not totally alone.

To break out of your echo chamber in the digital universe, you either need a lot of engineering skill, or a lot of money. Most people don’t have either.

I think I may found a way to let that filter bubble burst, break out of that echo chamber, by creating bookfacepro.

I had my friends Claude and Lapo help me put a minimal functional blog together, which is NOT your usual blog:

  • Everybody can post. Just register, for free, and you can write what’s on your heart, and share it with the entire bookfacepro community.
  • It’s fully searchable (there is a search function in the top right corner), and you can find everything again, easily.
  • You can use the growing pool of categories (or invent your own).
  • You can share it with the social media of your choice with a click of a button and direct traffic to your/our blog.
  • By joining and contributing, you create community, and possibly find collaborators

Now, bookfacepro, like the name says, is not a place to vent opinions or post cat videos. It is a place for people who are (or aspire to be) pros in the book world to network, share, collaborate, and—yes—advertise the fruit of their ingenuity and creative juices. For free.

Please comment, contact me through the CONTACT page, or—better yet—register and start using bookfacepro, today.

—Matthias Schossig

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  1. October 7, 2017

    looks great. can’t wait to dive in – very soon. have a great time on your trip.

    • Schossig
      October 8, 2017

      Thanks Doug. Looking forward to.

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