Will We All Be Digital Zombies? A New Perspective On Digital Media

Digital addiction, confusion of internal and external realities, device dependence, loss of natural connection–the issues of daily use of digital devices are becoming more and more prevalent, on an individual level as well as in society.

In the forthcoming book The Digital Age From The Perspective Of A Wisdom Teaching, OM C. Parkin illuminates the impact and consequences of the digital revolution from the perspective of the perennial philosophy.  He points out that the fear of limitations, the fear of the transitory nature of all things, expressed through the individual fear of death, leads to an inflationary fixation on the immaterial.  With the immersion into the ever-accelerating virtual world, mankind is increasingly removed from the deep desire for ultimate knowledge, which alone can fill the hole in the human soul.  The good news is that liberation from that fear, and a wholesome connection to our transcendental significance are possible when we recognize the cause of the misguided impulses and remember our true destiny—the realization of the true human potential.

“In the mind of these digital conquistadores, there is the belief in a doctrine of salvation for the whole human race through technological progress, which is supposed to substitute for religion.  In other words: They confuse the seemingly infinite creative possibilities of the digital revolution and the life-enhancing conditions for many people in the world that they may be able to create with an awakening path for humanity.  An awakening path is an inner journey, and the leading heads of this revolution will probably not even know what an inner journey is.”

“What I predict in any case, is that any form of external overactivity will be reduced to a healthy level. And this reduction is that we urgently need to collectively heal—not endless growth.”

Watch out for this book later this fall, at Artemis Books.

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