Big data, Scholarly Kitchen and @maedelsabende: Scientific highlights in Frankfurt

Hall 4.2 of the Frankfurter Buchmesse brings together the world’s biggest companies from the fields of STM, academic publishing and business information

This is where the future of scientific publishing is being made: in Hall 4.2 at the Frankfurter Buchmesse (10-14 Oct. 2018). No other place offers visitors a more comprehensive overview of the various publishing possibilities in the scientific sector. Here, they can learn about the latest innovations in the field of knowledge sharing and managing business information. They can also find out how knowledge and information will be disseminated and conveyed in the future. The technologies and platforms used to this end point the way for digital publishing and related business models. Research, cooperation, publishing, networking, teaching and learning – everything from the field of STM, academic publishing and business information is at the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Some scientific event highlights at the Frankfurter Buchmesse

Networking breakfast with panel discussions for trade visitors:
The Frankfurter Buchmesse presents US bloggers for The Scholarly Kitchen and speakers from the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP)

Meet speakers from the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) and bloggers for The Scholarly Kitchen (TSK) at the free “Food for Thought” business networking breakfast. In fascinating panel discussions, you will learn about trending topics in scientific and academic publishing. In cooperation with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, SSP and TSK are offering two informative sessions about the development of the scientific communications sector, with a special emphasis on diversity, inclusion and equality.
10 October 2018, 08.45 – 11.00 a.m., Academic & Business Information Stage (Hall 4.2 N 101). For the programme and speakers go to

How do you become a big data professional? Attend the strategic conference for information professionals
The leading event at the Frankfurter Buchmesse for information professionals, distributors and providers as well as major users examines the challenges of digital transformation. What does digitalisation mean for the information industry? How can the latter keep up with digitalisation in times of change and hold its ground by providing services? Information centres and service providers report on their experiences, challenges and successes in the age of digital transformation.
11 October 2018, 9.30 a.m. – 2.00 p.m., Hall 4.2, “Dimension” Room

International Convention of University Presses

After four successful years, the International Convention of University Presses has become an established highlight at the Frankfurter Buchmesse. During the last four years, over 300 participants from 22 countries attended the International Convention of University Presses. The convention provides an opportunity for representatives of academic publishing houses from around the world to interact and share ideas and experiences.
13 October 2018, 9.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m., Hall 4.2, “Dimension” Room

Academic & Business Information Stage
In addition to offering wide-ranging scientific events for trade visitors from Wednesday to Friday, the Academic & Business Information Stage is also worth a visit at the weekend. An exciting programme for students will begin here on Saturday, including a free breakfast with science slams, scientific talks as well as tips and tricks for planning your career. Hall 4.2 N 101

Campus Weekend
The weekend is for students at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, with a multifaceted programme that ranges from science slams with free breakfast, scientific talks, and career-planning tips to the Campus Weekend Party on Saturday night. Non-students are obviously also welcome at Campus Weekend! Students receive a discount at the ticket counter, paying just 14 euros for a ticket at the weekend, and 19 euros from Wednesday to Friday.
13-14 October 2018, Academic & Business Information Stage and at participating scientific stands (Hall 4.2)
For more information go to

The LAB is the 500-sqm interactive education laboratory in Hall 4.2 of the Frankfurter Buchmesse at the weekend. This area in Hall 4.2 invites visitors to participate and showcases contemporary topics in education – tailored to a professional environment that is increasingly digital – from coding & making and digital media design to open science.
13-14 October 2018, Hall 4.2 N 75

THE LAB TALKS – Instagram, nothing but pretty pictures? With the creators of the channel @Maedelsabende
There’s nothing on Instagram but pretty pictures and influencer advertising? Not in our feed! That’s the goal the creators of the WDR channel @Maedelsabende set for themselves. With their modern format for young women, they reach over 28,000 followers, addressing a vast range of issues that also includes serious topics such as depression, bullying, racism and abortion in a comprehensible way and through personal stories. Their efforts have garnered them the Grimme Online Award 2018 and the Smart Hero Award. A conversation about modern online media formats with Clare Devlin, editor at @Maedelsabende, and independent journalist Lilith Grull (Tagesspiegel and Die ZEIT, amongst others). Clare is also a presenter and writer for the WDR YouTube channel “reporter”. As part of Campus Weekend, we cordially invite you to stop by.
13 October 2018, 12.00 – 1.00 p.m., Academic & Business Information Stage (Hall 4.2 N 101)

Wikipedia for university
The German-language version of Wikipedia is one of the top five most-visited German-language websites. It is a pervasive source of knowledge and reference guide for many students. This workshop with an introductory talk examines how students can use Wikipedia for university and in life. In addition, it explains how you can improve or correct articles on Wikipedia.
13 October 2018 4:00 – 4:30 p.m., Academic & Business Information Stage (Hall 4.2 N 101)

Deutsche Fachpresse (German Business Media) reception
The Deutsche Fachpresse once again invites members and interested individuals to its traditional business-media reception at the Frankfurter Buchmesse for relaxed networking at the fair with drinks and light food.
11 October 2018 12.00 – 1.00 p.m., Academic & Business Information Stage (Hall 4.2 N 101)


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