It’s All About The Book

This is not your usual blog, it is a collaborative sandbox. You may have noticed that not one person is in charge of writing here, but many—you included. I am still the owner and administrator of this blog, and I reserve the right to delete content which I find inappropriate for this blog. However, that may never happen.
I encourage you, if you have something that is close to your heart, an unfinished project that needs help, something important coming, a new publication, an old publication that you want to revive, or just an idea for a book, or anything else that is related to the universe of the written word, please feel free to put it into a blog and post it here.

  • If you are an illustrator, and you might want to connect with a publisher or an editor. Post a sample of your work.
  • If you are a poet, and like to direct people to your paid site or publications. Share a poem, and a link for the bookfacepro community.
  • If you are an author, and you are looking for a publisher, write a teaser, an elevator pitch, whatever, and share it here.
  • If you are a publisher, and you are looking for a translator for a work you just licensed, let it be known.
  • If you are a translator, and you have translated a novel—with permission, but on spec—post a teaser here. An editor might want to pick it up.
  • If you are a journalist, on the heels of the hottest subject of the week/month/year, write up something here and post it to your social media conveniently right through this blog.
  • If you are looking for help proofreading this huge volume, let it be known here.
  • If you got stuck. Tell people where it hurts. There may be help. And even if there isn’t, it may clarify your ideas to write it down.
  • If you have news about a new trend or disruptive development in the book industry. This is the place to post it.
  • If you would like to get some feedback on a self-publishing project, this may be the place to get it.

In short: If you have any information that may be relevant for the book industry, you should post it here. Moreover, if you have any original content, that you would like to publish or license, you should also make it known here. The idea is to create a community which grows over time, a supportive, friendly environment with people who are looking for helpers and/or collaborators and those who are able to help/collaborate.

This blog is for networking:

Content creators, artists, poets, writers, publishers, editors, printers, packagers, designers, typographers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, students, avid readers, philosophers, scholars, naturalists, photographers, meditators, preachers, literary agents, scouts, journalists, intrepid voyagers, graphic designers, software developers, cab drivers, makers… you name it.